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A deposit of 50% is required when an order in excess of £200 is made.  Typically these orders will be for leather re-trims or for high value parts. All deposits are non-refundable and failure to complete transaction within agreed timeframe will result in the forfeit of your paid deposit to Superb Classics and Sports Ltd.  50% Of any payment for any interior work to be carried out will be treated as  a deposit, this is because such work is sub contracted out to an appropriate company.


Returns will only be accepted if faulty or an error has been made by Superb Classics and Sports Ltd, these must be returned within 10 days of dispatch to the customer.  This is particularly important for special order items that must be returned to a supplier within 10 days of purchase.


Superb Classics and Sports Ltd and its employees accept no responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicles or personal belongings when in its care. Vehicles and parts are left entirely at owner's risk.